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GreenStar Alliance Membership

GreenStar Alliance (GSA) Subscription Service Offering

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Whether you are an individual sole proprietor, a partnership, corporation, doing business as entity, you can subscribe for a GSA membership. A GSA membership is assigned on a “per business entity” basis. All memberships are based on one year payment in full, or twelve consecutive monthly payments per options outlined below.

Each Business Subscription License (BSL) is assigned to a single named member business before using the benefits provided for the selected subscription level. Two subscription levels are provided. The full list of benefits are listed in Exhibit A.

1. GSA Standard Membership – provides access to the GreenStar Goodman equipment discount price book. Provides placement in the GSA Selected Installer List (Status on this list is based on meeting the GSA Customer Quality Care minimum guidelines).

2. GSA Gold Membership – All benefits and stipulations provided with the Standard
Membership; Now you can increase your impact and expand your reach with a custom website designed to drive leads to your business.

Pricing is based on an annual membership with two payment options:

1. GSA Standard Membership is option 1 - $150/month, option 2 - $1,500/year (making the annual payment saves you $300 per year.

2. GSA Gold Membership is option 1 – $185/month, option 2 - $1,850 (making the annual payment saves you $370 per year). With the special GSA membership price book, you will be able to provide incredible savings to your customers while adding the value of a powerful backed network. GSA will post monthly bulletins, or more often if the need arises, loaded with the best HVAC solutions, quality installation inspection guidelines, special Goodman discount offers, and more.