At GreenStar, we aim to deliver the very best value in all our services while keeping mutual protection of the company and all members in mind. We are Headquartered in Dallas and Orlando but Sell and Service
the ENTIRE United States.
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GreenStar Alliance Members

IBO Authorized Dealers

GreenStar’s success comes through its National Network of individuals, like yourself, who represent us and who represent each and all of our products and services. Not only do you represent them, but you are the person who presents each product and service and sells and provides them directly to the homeowner or end user. Each of our Authorized Dealers is an Independent Business Owner… GreenStar Alliance Member! In short, you would be just like a franchise but without the hassles or high costs of a franchise!

You will be in the forefront to all our customers but most importantly, each GSA dealer will not just “sell” our products and HVAC systems, but you can also perform the installations and provide all of our services in your area and region. Service will be your number one concern. We are doing this on a national level which is making us very unique and widely accepted. This gives you the ability not just to help Energy Saving and Comfort but you will also help each person in each community by always trying to use  the right equipment at the right sizes and whenever possible, show them the excellent benefits of our Value Added Products & Services that will help them save even more money it will also make you more money as well.

You will be “All They Need for All They Need” for Saving Energy & Providing Comfort & Health!   Finally, it will be YOU who Guarantees the Best and Lowest Price in America!
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Member Benefits

GreenStar Alliance has recognized that there is power in numbers. We are a new concept in the HVAC Industry throughout the United States. We offer people and companies in the HVAC trades a superior way to do business. We are similar to a franchise but without the exorbitant cost and hassle.

GreenStar Alliance will be your new provider of ALL you need to run your business more efficiently, without the hassles and, above all, without the high costs for your systems and support, plus we eliminate the time consuming tasks of preparing for a new sale or install. We do it all for you so you can concentrate on what provide you with making a living… We take care of everything for you.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive as a GreenStar Alliance Member:
Own the GreenStar name as part of a well-respected network

Sell the Daikin-Goodman brands at the very best value anywhere

Enjoy the best value on all equipment in your region, city or country

Exclusive and protected territory as the only GreenStar in your area

A professional and effective website (at a discounted cost)

Have your own toll free number answered by our professional staff

Get the best merchant services at the competitive rates

We will prepare your purchase orders listing everything you’ve ordered

Your equipment is staged for will-call on time

When GreenStar collects for your labor charges, we will deposit to your account daily as funds are released

GreenStar provides each membership level with exceptional benefits and membership support

GreenStar will launch advertising campaigns, using effective marketing methods to keep your business

GreenStar’s incredible partnerships will help teach you how you can increase your bottom line profits

The membership subscription you select you will open doors to incredible benefits

Your Alliance Fee is billed monthly or annually depending on the level you choose
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$150 per month

For only $150 per month you get access to the best prices on HVAC systems in all of America! You also get access to the best heating and air conditions systems in America, made in America by Goodman Manufacturing and Daiken Industries, Ltd.

Take advantage of what our Alliance Membership has to offer. Our Alliance Membership Program was created to help you ensure that your business keeps growing by providing the following benefits.

As an Alliance Member, you’ll receive:

  • Special order number to place all orders
  • You can buy a 14 SEER ac system for as low as $1377
  • 500 high quality business cards
  • 500 high quality “custom” door hangers
  • Monthly email newsletters
  • Equipment email specials from our manufacturers
  • Basic WordPress website/hosting (at discounted rate)

Membership Forms

All HVAC Systems are Manufactured Entirely in the U.S.
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