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GreenStar Alliance is an HVAC contractor membership organization that brings the highest level of commitment to promoting Tampa area HVAC system resellers and Hillsborough County HVAC system dealers of all types of equipment, products or materials that are related to heating and air conditioning. It is an incredible opportunity to help families, homeowners and dealers in your area.

We receive volume discounts from two of the best heating and air conditioning equipment suppliers in the HVAC industry. Goodman Manufacturing and Daiken Industries, Ltd. manufacture the best heating and a/c equipment in America and provide us with super-low, volume HVAC contractor pricing. We can pass that on to you so you can be more competitive with the ability to offer added savings to your customers.

GreenStar Alliance has recognized that there is power in numbers. We are a new reseller concept in the HVAC Industry throughout the United States. We offer people and companies in the HVAC trades a superior way to do business. We are similar to a franchise but without the exorbitant cost and hassle. We take care of everything for you.

The information on these pages is for members and re-sellers who will represent GreenStar through our manufacturers, vendors and those who will be offering products for sale through the GreenStar Alliance Program. We hope this will be a daily and ongoing relationship that WILL create wealth for you and your company while saving thousands for your valued customers.

We are here for you! You now have an opportunity of a lifetime, so let’s make this happen together!
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GreenStar lliance would like to pursue a relationship with you and we’d like to give you
the opportunity to become one of our Greenstar Alliance Members as an Independent
Business Owners! Below you will see why this is a tremendous opportunity for you!
We welcome & invite you to become a part of GreenStar!
Here are the Advantages and benefits:
You represent a National Enterprise that offers the Ability to Generate Wealth.
You will become an Independent Business Owner with minimal costs!
You will represent & sell thousands of products that are in great demand!
You will earn a minimum of 15% commission for every product you sell
You will be able to sell the Installation and other services with each sale!
You will keep 100% of the funds from each install & each service you provide
You will offer and sell a very wide range of energy saving products & services
You will sell these products at the LOWEST prices anywhere in America!

More GreenStar Benefits
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GreenStar has an incredible amount of products and services related to heating & air conditioning. We use 2 of the best air conditioning equipment suppliers in the HVAC industry. We get tremendous volume discounts from Goodman Manufacturing and Daiken Industries, Ltd. that we can pass on to you which allows you to be more competitive with the ability to offer added savings to your customers.

Goodman and Daiken
products are all very well known  throughout America & the World.  Our products range from small items to large systems.  For the sake of this presentation, your emphasis will be on residential products such as air conditioning systems which will be your primary products. We expect that 95% of the sales you make will require installation which we expect you to provide or assign. We also expect the cost for that service to be fair and it will be yours to keep. We hope that you have the ability to perform the installation for all of our products, but if that is not the case, we will be happy to help you find sub-contractors that can provide the installation for all of your products. This is an examples of the products and services you will sell:
Anything Related to HVAC – Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems
ALL Related Equipment such as Condensers, Air Handlers, Furnaces and Coils.
ALL Related Products such as Thermostats, Line Sets, Filters, UV Lights, Pads, Etc
Anything Related to Air Conditioning and Heating and Energy Savings.

Best HVAC Systems in America!

At GreenStar, the systems we provide are designed to provide comfort and exceed the expectations of your customers. Our technologically innovative products are all made in the USA and are backed up with outstanding warranties and friendly, expert service from our Goodman and Daiken partners. You can rest assured the
systems offered by these companies are efficient, reliable and durable.



Goodman air conditioning products
Quality and High-Standards for years of reliability.

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To experience what GreenStar services can offer you and your home, call us now at (877) 617-HVAC or (888) 249-4822.
We excitedly look forward to serving your heating, air conditioning, and clean comfort indoor air essential needs!
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